Gutenix theme features

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Top performance


Gutenix theme is fully optimized, weighing less than 1.5 Mb, ensuring it will load in less than a second.

Loading time

The theme scores high in Google Speed Insights, getting A96% average score on desktop and mobile devices. The loading speed of Gutenix theme is 0.9 s.

Cached CSS Pro

We use the cached CSS generated by your options to boost performance even more and make sure the speed loads even faster.

AJAX-based customize

Apply changes in customizer without page reloading and see the results you get in real time. Speed up the process of website building.

Site layouts


Use a Boxed layout for the page or template to make content show up with the custom container width and responsive custom content paddings.

Full width

Choose this layout for the page’s content to occupy the full width of the page, using no sidebars. The layout keeps the native Gutenix theme’s Header and Footer templates.


Apply this layout in case you plan to build the page with a page builder from Header to footer, and don’t need to use the Header and Footer from the them.

With a sidebar

Use the layouts with Left or Right Sidebar, applying custom container width and content padding settings at the same time.

PRO layouts for more options Pro

Adjust the sidebar width in percents according to your needs. Use different page layouts for different page templates, such as Blog, Single Post, 404 page.

Sidebar generator Pro

Create your custom sidebars to display the different sets of widgets for different pages whenever you need to use the separate widget sets (e.g., different sidebar for WooCommerce page templates).

Advanced design options

Custom preloader

Enable a preloader for the theme or use a custom HTML code to add a custom preloader you want to apply.

ToTop button styles

Make it easy to return to the top of the page by adding and styling up a ToTop button with a custom background, icon color and border radius.

Extended color scheme

Use options for the global color customization of different theme elements to set the regular and inverted colors fitting your design.

Custom 404 page template Pro

Build a template as an ordinary page with the page builder, and assign it as a 404 page so that the visitors can see it when they have entered an invalid URL.


Google Fonts

Gutenix provides you with a library of 700 Google fonts to make sure your website’s typography is immaculate.

Responsive font size

Use different font size settings for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices to make the text readable on any type of screen.

Adjustable line height & letter spacing

Set and adjust the line height and spacing properties for each text element, be it a body text, a heading or the text for an input field or a button.

Global settings for any text element

Explore an easy way to set the global color and typography settings for headings, body text, input field text and a button to use them for the designs you create in builder.

Blog settings

Listing layouts

Choose between 2 types of Listing layouts to showcase publications into a listing where one post is shown under the other.

Grid layout

Make the publications show up in a neat and responsive Grid layout with a set number of rows and columns.

Masonry layoutg

Use this layout to make the publications be displayed in a grid that doesn’t have the fixed height for the rows.

Justify layout

Use this creative layout to display publications in a responsive alignment by the main axis.

Custom elements order Pro

Set your own order for the publication elements to show in a Blog page: Title, Meta, Featured Image, Content and Bottom Line, and adjust the elements visibility.

Adjust the Post Meta

Decide if you want to showcase Categories, Author, Date, Comments number and Tags on a Blog page for each of the posts.

Navigation type

Set pagination or navigation to make the earlier blog publications easy to access and find.

Advanced Blog style settings

Adjust the stylization of each blog page element, from View More button to blog post title, meta and excerpt. Here you’ll find extended typography options, color styles.

Single post page settings

Custom elements order Pro

Set the post elements in the order you need, adjusting the Title, Meta, Featured image, Content, |Tags, Sharing icons, Author bio, Navigation, Related posts and comments in the order you need, and hiding elements you don’t want to show.

Flexible Post Meta

Decide if you want to showcase Categories, Author, Date, Comments number and Tags on a Blog page for each of the posts.

Social sharing options

Add Social sharing for the most popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Related posts block

The block has advanced stylization settings as well as flexible content options to show the posts linked to the Single Post page opened by a tag.

Custom content width Pro

Apply the content width you need to create flowing beautiful designs of the Blog page, making it look minimalistic and neat.

Comments like Pro

Display the number of likes for the top comments to your blog posts to attract more attention to the visitors activity.


Google Map API key integration Pro

Embed a Google Map and showcase your location and physical address.

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