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Explore Gutenberg tutorials to learn the way to build a landing page from scratch

Lesson 1

What is Gutenberg WordPress editor?

Lesson 2

The Gutenberg Blocks Collection Overview

Lesson 3

Gutenberg Landing Page: How to Plan & Change a Landing Page Layout?

Lesson 4

How to Use WordPress Customizer and Reusable Blocks

Lesson 5

How to Build a WordPress Hero Block with Gutenberg

Lesson 6

How to add About block in Gutenberg

Lesson 7

How to Build the Services & Pricing Sections in Gutenberg?

Lesson 8

How to Build a Review Block in the Gutenberg Editor?

Lesson 9

How to Add a WordPress Contact Form In the Gutenberg Block Editor?

Lesson 10

How to Build a CTA Section With Gutenberg & Elementor?

Lesson 11

How to Make a WordPress Navigation Menu in Elementor & Gutenberg?

Lesson 12

Tips on How to Optimize WordPress Speed Quickly

Lesson 13

WordPress Landing Page Tutorial – Quick SEO Optimization Tips

Lesson 14

Sales Funnels for WordPress Landing Page Based on Gutenberg

Lesson 15

Gutenberg landing page design with explanation

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Why choose the Gutenix landing course based on Gutenberg?

Made for beginners

Our course is just perfect for those who are only making their first step in Gutenberg and is interested in website developing

Completely free

In our case, free doesn’t mean low quality. Our team created powerful and dedicated step-by-step guides which will be in handy for anyone

Based on latest WordPress version

We have created each of our tutorials with the latest version of WordPress and Gutenberg editor, which includes modern blocks and layouts

Includes both marketing and technical tips

Our course contains a bunch of useful tutorials from SEO optimizing and tracking conversions tools to building a fully-fledged website

Based on real-life examples

All the tutorials and overviews are created by the team of professional developers and designers, so you can apply each block example in the real-life

Described in all detail

Don’t be scared if you are not very familiar with the Gutenberg editor. Our course is simple even for the beginners and provides a gentle approach

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