Terms of Use

Terms of use

Please read the terms of use listed below to learn how you can use the products provided within Gutenix subscription (later referred to as “Gutenix”), and what are the licensing terms under which the products are available.

1. License terms

All the products included in Gutenix subscription are provided under GPL v.3.0. This means, you can use them on any number of websites.

There are 2 license plans which are available for purchase within the Gutenix subscription. When you purchase any of Gutenix Licenses, you get the right to use the products provided by Gutenix, on the terms, which are specific for the license plan.

1.1. Annual Gutenix License

This license type provides all the products included in Gutenix subscription, allowing you to use the items and receive updates for them for one year from the date of license activation.

The Annual Gutenix License includes:
  • GutenixPro plugin, which adds premium features to the free Gutenix theme;
  • 47+ templates for popular page builders: Elementor, Brizy, Gutenberg;
  • 1 year of monthly updates;
  • ZeGuten plugin for Gutenberg with a collection of blocks;
  • 1 year of priority support via the ticket system;
  • 14 days money-back guarantee.

After the subscription license expires, the templates you used to build websites will continue working as usual.

However, you won’t be able to access the templates released after the expiration date, or any other new products that will be included in the subscription after the license has expired.

You will stop receiving updates, other than the critical ones, that are necessary for the safety purposes.

It is strictly prohibited to use any of the products for building new projects when the license has expired. To make sure your end product or project works as expected and will continue working after the license expires, you have to make sure it’s finished before the expiration date.

1.2. Lifetime Gutenix License

The Lifetime license type offers all the products available in Gutenix subscription:
  • GutenixPro plugin, which adds premium features to the free Gutenix theme;
  • 47+ templates for popular page builders: Elementor, Brizy, Gutenberg;
  • monthly updates with new templates and features for lifetime;
  • ZeGuten plugin for Gutenberg with a collection of blocks;
  • unlimited priority support via the ticket system;
  • 14 days money-back guarantee.

The Lifetime Gutenix license doesn’t expire. It doesn’t require prolongation. Buying Lifetime license once, the client has the right to use Gutenix subscription and all the products included in it.

1.3. Product Termination

By purchasing any of the licenses (Annual Gutenix License or Lifetime Gutenix License), you acknowledge and agree that the Gutenix products and services could change or terminate in the future - in this case no refunds or credits for subscription charges or other fees or payments will be provided to you.

2. License prolongation

In case you’ve purchased an Annual license type, which has expired, you need to prolong it in order to continue using the products included in Gutenix subscription for building new projects.

The prolongation is made automatically in case you haven’t canceled the subscription.

The price of the Annual subscription plan won’t change when the recurrent charge is made for the next year.

In case the license is canceled, the product won’t be available for prolongation. It would be necessary to purchase the new license based on its current price in order to keep working with the products included in Gutenix subscription.

3. Support policy

Priority support help for Gutenix subscription is included in the Annual and Lifetime license plans.

Expected support response time is up to 24 hours. However, in most cases the support agent responds in 1-2 hours.

Please, note, that some questions might take more time to be investigated and resolved. In such cases the support agent will inform you of the time it will take to provide the solution.

The premium support help includes:
  • providing answers to technical questions about the features and functionality of products included in Gutenix subscription;
  • assistance with the installation of the products and guiding through the basic use cases;
  • fixing the issues reported by a client in the products made by Gutenix team;
  • adding the feature requests to the backlog of the product and informing the client of the updates.
Make sure to provide all the data necessary for the support agent to provide fixes, such as:
  • website’s address (URL);
  • login credentials (username and password);
  • FTP access;
  • a link to the page where the issue has occurred;
  • A detailed description of the issue.

All the data provided via Gutenix support system is kept safe and secure.

In order to get in touch with our support team, please contact us.

There are cases, when Gutenix team might not be able to provide support:
  • the question or request is not related to Gutenix products;
  • the issue happens in an unsupported browser or is caused by a third-party product which isn’t compatible with Gutenix;
  • the parameters of the client’s server don’t fit the minimum requirements of Gutenix products;
  • the license has expired or the client was provided with a refund;
  • the client hasn’t provided access details upon support agent’s request and the issue couldn’t be reproduced on our side.

Please, make sure to check the minimum requirements and provide the support team with the details of the issue you’ve faced for faster assistance.

4. Refund policy

You can receive a refund during the first 14 days from the date of purchase in the cases described below:
  • the license key or any of the products was never activated and used on any type of local, staging or live website;
  • it is impossible to use Gutenix subscription for your project due to an error that can’t be resolved;
  • the products included in Gutenix license were described incorrectly, which resulted in inability to use the subscription for the project.

The refund is processed in 3 business days by our team, however it might take some time for the banking system to return the money back. In case the refund request was approved and you haven’t received the money yet, please, contact your bank manager for information how long it might take to process the refund sent by our team.

In case you need to submit a refund request, please, contact us.

In case the refund request is satisfied, you’ll be required to remove any Gutenix items from your end products, localhost, staging or live websites. You won’t be allowed to continue using the products by Gutenix.

5. Unauthorized usage

There are cases when the client can’t use the products included in Gutenix subscription.

It is restricted:
  • to use the products from Gutenix subscription for building projects after the subscription expires
  • to resell the products included in Gutenix subscription. It’s not allowed to bundle any of the Gutenix products with other items or redistribute them separately.
  • to include any of the products from Gutenix subscription in a product, which main value is the product provided by Gutenix. Such actions are equal to reselling which is prohibited.
  • for the client to allow the users of his end-product based on the items of Gutenix subscription to use them apart from the end-product.
  • to claim the copyright for any of the products included in Gutenix subscription.

6. Usage limitation

It is prohibited to use Gutenix subscription in the cases described below:
  • with unlawful purposes, for creating materials, which can be offensive, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or demeaning, or promoting discrimination;
  • for building projects that in any way violate the copyright for trademarks, or the rights to other intellectual property owned by others.

7. Undisclosure

It is not allowed to disclose any order details and information, such as access to the client’s account, the license key, download links, etc.

If the client suspects any third-party person of obtaining access to his account, he should immediately contact Gutenix team with the request of disabling the existing license key and replacing it with a new one. Also the change in the access details will be required.

The license can be terminated in case you breach the terms described above and don’t remedy the breach.

In case of license termination you must quit using any of Gutenix products, which includes removing the Gutenix subscription items from the end products.

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