Top 20 Free & Premium WordPress Themes to Power Your Gym


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Top 20 Free & Premium WordPress Themes to Power Your Gym

Modern fitness WordPress themes are top-notch & professionally designed solutions built to help you establish a trustworthy website for your gym or fitness center. Whether you are a CrossFit coach or personal fitness expert, having a well-designed website to attract and motivate your potential clients is essential. In today’s post, we’ll take a close look at 20 WordPress themes suitable for such websites. These solutions will be helpful for fitness industry businesses and individual trainers.

Before we start, here are the top 5 themes from this article that recommend checking out right away:

Fitness Exercise HubFreeN/A

Top 10 Premium Fitness WordPress Themes

Due to the wide variety of WordPress themes for fitness websites, it may be hard to choose something suitable for your site right away. To help you make the right choice we have prepared a diverse selection that consists of 20 free and premium WordPress themes for sports coaches and fitness trainers. Additionally, if you own a gym, you can use any of the mentioned themes due to their high customization potential. Let’s start with the premium solutions that can help you build a fitness website right away.

1. Ironbody

Picture of Ironbody, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with full Gutenberg compatibility.

We start our overview of fitness WordPress themes with Ironbody, a Gutenix skin designed for gyms and fitness centers. Compatible with Gutenberg, this solution provides exceptional customization potential combined with a responsive and content-rich layout. With its help, you can freely showcase your workouts & classes, display pricing plans, and describe your team members’ skills.

Key features:

  • 5 ready-made pages;
  • Responsive & customizable page layouts with multiple sections;
  • Full Gutenberg compatibility;
  • Integrated ZeGuten plugin that features numerous premium blocks;
  • Easy demo installation with the Gutenix Wizard.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
IronbodyGutenixfrom $69/yearMobile 40
Desktop 85

More Details Demo

2. Fitnession

Photo of Fitnession, one of the WordPress themes for gyms and fitness with a sticky header option with effective site navigation.

Fitnession is a part of Gutenix theme offering a ready-made design for a website of a personal fitness coach. Made for the Elementor builder, it provides a varied selection of pre-built sections and blocks to help you create the right impression for your soon-to-be clients. From video backgrounds to powerful calls to action, this gym WordPress theme provides a diverse choice of advantages to capture your clients’ attention.

Key features:

  • Flexible & content-rich one-page design;
  • Detailed & spacious website layout;
  • Sticky header option with effective site navigation;
  • Diverse integrated blog layouts;
  • Easy customer interaction with Contact Form 7.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
FitnessionGutenixfrom $69/yearMobile 49
Desktop 84

More Details Demo

3. Coachzee

Photograph of Coachzee, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with modern & responsive page design for a personal coach.

Coachzee is one of those fitness WordPress themes that are made to provide just what you expect. With 5 diverse built-in designs for teachers, coaches, and instructors, this theme combines a flexible & well-designed layout with a wide range of features. For example, it includes the Appointment Booking plugin, making it simple for any fitness coach to manage workout bookings in multiple locations. This solution also helps with accepting payments online due to the integrated payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal).

Key features:

  • Modern & responsive page design for a personal coach;
  • Built with WordPress blocks for Gutenberg support;
  • Informative page for Services;
  • Includes over 35 blocks with Getwid;
  • Effective workout management with MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
CoachzeeMotoPressfrom $79/yearMobile 59
Desktop 87

More Details Demo

4. Prowess

Graphic of Prowess, one of the popular WordPress solutions for fitness websites with 10+ portfolio & gallery designs.

Prowess is a stylish & modern WordPress gym theme designed for gyms and fitness instructors. Featuring a variety of home pages, this solution is ready to give your website a new look that will attract new clients easily. With an integrated timetable plugin and BMI calculator, the Prowess theme has everything to make your fitness website look and feel impressive.

Key features:

  • 9 pre-designed homepage layouts;
  • Full support of Elementor and WPBakery page builders;
  • 10+ portfolio & gallery designs;
  • Integrated eCommerce-ready Shop page section;
  • Compatible with WPML.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
ProwessSelect-Themes$85/onceMobile 19
Desktop 41

More Details Demo

5. Gymat

Representation of Gymat, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with an integrated timetable for your workouts.

Next on our list of fitness WordPress themes is Gymat. Built as a flexible solution for gym, fitness, and yoga websites, it delivers a modern look combined with a stunning functionality range. From supporting modern page builders, such as Elementor and Gutenberg, to advertising your fitness classes, this theme has a lot to offer.

Key features:

  • 5 pre-designed site layouts;
  • Integrated timetable for your workouts;
  • Diverse layouts for classes, blog, and trainer pages;
  • RTL support;
  • SEO-ready & optimized for WooCommerce.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
GymatRadiusTheme$39/onceMobile 53
Desktop 51

More Details Demo

6. Peaker

Visual of Peaker, one of the top-rated WordPress themes for gyms with 11 portfolio options.

Peaker is a ready-made WordPress fitness theme designed specifically for gyms & fitness centers. With 7 diverse homepage layouts for your site, you can easily set up a notable online presence for a fitness center, gym, or martial arts organization using this WordPress solution. Additionally, Peaker supports detailed visual customization thanks to the integrated Elementor page builder. It also comes with a vast range of premium plugins to ensure a vast range of functionality for your fitness site.

Key features:

  • Mobile-friendly design with visual customization;
  • 11 portfolio options;
  • 3 blog layouts;
  • Built-in timetable & BMI calculator;
  • Optimized for performance.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Peaker7iquid$59/onceMobile 25
Desktop 28

More Details Demo

7. Fitness Club

Illustration of Fitness Club, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with 9 pre-designed layouts for home pages.

Fitness Club is an elegant & responsive health and fitness WordPress theme designed for a variety of sports & health-oriented organizations. From gyms to dance clubs and yoga centers, any establishment can benefit from using this solution. As one of the fitness WordPress themes, it also comes with a bunch of outstanding features. They provide incredible customization alongside optimization for SEO & eCommerce.

Key features:

NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitness ClubBoldThemes$69/onceMobile 32
Desktop 54

More Details Demo

8. Fitnase

Image of Fitnase, one of the WordPress themes for gyms and fitness with fitness trainer & user dashboards.

We move on to Fitnase, a clean & modern theme designed to impress your gym website visitors. With a variety of pre-designed inner pages and an integrated trainer dashboard, this solution can become the best choice for your fitness center website. You can also easily use it to showcase your coaching skills and provide your users with a quick registration to enjoy all the benefits your site has to offer.

Key features:

  • Responsive and easily customizable page layouts
  • Fitness trainer & user dashboards included
  • Mailchimp support for improved email marketing
  • Shop, Blog, and Trainer pages
  • A variety of supplied email templates for newsletters.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitnasee-plugins$59/onceMobile 25
Desktop 44

More Details Demo

9. Fitness Zone

Portrait of Fitness Zone, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with integrated Google Maps & Google Fonts.

As one of the fitness WordPress themes built for modern gyms, Fitness Zone provides a wide choice of design & functionality options to make your site stand out. With its multiple features ranging from BMI calculator to fitness appointments, you can craft a responsive and informative online presence to represent your gym and its services properly.

Key features:

  • 5 pre-built homepage layouts;
  • 32 blog & gallery options;
  • 14 events & community pages;
  • Integrated Google Maps & Google Fonts;
  • Extensive header & footer designs.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitness Zonedesignthemes$69/onceMobile 25
Desktop 40

More Details Demo

10. Helthify

Figure of Helthify, one of the popular WordPress solutions for fitness websites with 12+ custom-made elements.

Initially designed as one of yoga & fitness themes, Helthify delivers a full package of options required for establishing an attractive health-oriented website. Whether you’re a personal trainer or a nutritionist, rest assured that with this solution, you’ll be able to attract more potential clients easily. Thanks to the Elementor and other pre-installed plugins, you can quickly change the looks of your site, while also improving its functionality.

Key features:

  • 3 pre-designed & responsive homepage layouts;
  • 12+ custom-made elements;
  • A variety of supplied headers;
  • Online store pages optimized for WooCommerce;
  • Over 100 customization options.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Helthifythemesion$49/onceMobile 40
Desktop 71

More Details Demo

Top 10 Free Fitness WordPress Themes

While premium fitness WordPress themes are fully-featured solutions capable of nearly anything when it comes to creating a website, they may be too big of an investment when it comes to your first gym website. For that reason, you may want to start with the free solutions. This is especially useful if you want to get a better understanding of how to work with such themes.

11. Astra

Picture of Astra, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with 8 pre-designed pages.

Astra is one of the widely known multipurpose themes for WordPress. Alongside multiple premium templates bundled with the theme it also provides great designs available for free. For example, it provides a great personal fitness trainer design with a variety of pre-designed pages. Its dark & responsive design looks perfect on any modern device. Additionally, it is optimized for Elementor to provide you with detailed customization options.

Key features:

  • 8 pre-designed pages;
  • Pricing & testimonials sections;
  • Parallax effect for your visual content;
  • Compatible with leading page builders.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
AstraBrainstorm ForceFree/from $49 per yearMobile 42
Desktop 73

More Details Demo

12. Fitness Exercise Hub

Snapshot of Fitness Exercise Hub, one of the top-rated WordPress themes for gyms with diverse color options.

Fitness Exercise Hub is one of those fitness WordPress themes that provides essentials for any sports-oriented website for free. While it has a premium version with even more features, the free one provides a flexible layout with full WooCommerce support. It is one of the best free options for your gym and fitness center.

Key features:

  • Responsive & customizable layout;
  • Diverse color options;
  • Google Fonts;
  • Social media integration.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitness Exercise HubThemes PrideFreeMobile 40
Desktop 84

More Details Demo

13. Fitness Blocks

View of Fitness Blocks, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with a modern & stylish design.

If you are looking for a solution offering extensive customization with the built-in WordPress tools, we recommend taking a look at Fitness Blocks. It is a free yet fully developed theme providing a wide choice of ready-made sections and blocks that can make your fitness website look spectacular.

Key features:

NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitness BlocksWP RadiantFreeMobile 17
Desktop 52

More Details Demo

14. Fitness FSE

Picture of Fitness FSE, one of the WordPress themes for gyms and fitness with configurable contact forms.

Another one of fitness WordPress themes oriented towards customization with Gutenberg is Fitness FSE. Aside from being responsive & content-rich, it also supports the Site Editor tool that was recently introduced in WordPress. With the help of this solution, you can create a fitness website that fully meets your expectations.

Key features:

  • 7+ pre-designed pages;
  • Optimized for WordPress Site Editor;
  • Integrated Google Maps;
  • Configurable contact forms;
  • A wide range of built-in content sections.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitness FSESparkleWPFreeMobile 92
Desktop 99

More Details Demo

15. Fitness Elementor

Image of Fitness Elementor, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with eCommerce-friendly pages.

Fitness Elementor is a simple & free yet a well-designed WordPress theme that provides what’s necessary for any gym website. From an impressively designed layout to a built-in online store for fitness supplements, this solution offers diverse design & functionality combinations. It is a suitable starting point for a website of any modern fitness center.

Key features:

  • Built for gyms and personal trainers;
  • eCommerce-friendly pages;
  • Optimized for Elementor page builder;
  • 3 blog layouts;
  • A full-width slider for your content.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitness ElementorWP ElementoFreeMobile 8
Desktop 14

More Details Demo

16. Aster Gym Trainer

Photograph of Aster Gym Trainer, one of the popular WordPress solutions for fitness websites with an integrated WooCommerce-based online store.

When you need a responsive and highly customizable theme for your gym that is also free, we recommend Aster Gym Trainer. As one of the well-developed fitness WordPress themes, it provides a spacious layout built for content and advertising your training services. With its help, you can showcase your workouts, fitness classes, and display pricing options your gym provides.

Key features:

  • Dark & responsive design;
  • Easy-to-edit color scheme;
  • 3 blog layouts;
  • Customizable forms for the contact page and newsletter;
  • Integrated WooCommerce-based online store.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Aster Gym TrainerAsterFreeMobile 42
Desktop 34

More Details Demo

17. FitnessGo

Graphic of FitnessGo, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with varied color schemes and backgrounds.

FitnessGo is one of the free and responsive workout class themes built to make your gym website more attractive and noticeable. It is compatible with a wide variety of plugins that can enhance your site’s functionality. Moreover, the theme is mobile-friendly allowing your gym to be discoverable from a wider amount of devices throughout the Web. It also provides a diverse number of content sections to keep your clients informed about everything that concerns your gym.

Key features:

  • Customizable and diverse design;
  • 12 blog page layouts;
  • 3 portfolio options;
  • Varied color schemes and backgrounds;
  • Built-in social icons.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
FitnessGoThemeArileFreeMobile 14
Desktop 32

More Details Demo

18. Healthy Fitness Gym

Representation of Healthy Fitness Gym, one of the top-rated WordPress themes for gyms with diverse animations and transitions.

Healthy Fitness Gym continues our list of free fitness WordPress themes. With a stylish & flexible layout offering enough space for all kinds of content, this solution is a fitting basis for a modern gym website. Furthermore, it is bundled with 3 popular plugins used by a majority of WordPress users (Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, and WooCommerce).

Key features:

  • Easy customization with built-in tools;
  • WooCommerce-ready layout;
  • Diverse animations and transitions;
  • One-click installation.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Healthy Fitness GymBuy WP ThemesFreeMobile 18
Desktop 48

More Details Demo

19. Fitness Crossfit

Visual of Fitness Crossfit, one of the best fitness WordPress themes with a sitewide search system.

If you are looking for a solution that advertises a certain sphere of gym workouts, you may be interested in the Fitness Crossfit theme. With its colorful yet strictly designed layout, it provides diverse content sections to showcase the best your gym has to offer. From popular classes to timetable and pricing plans, the mentioned theme offers all your website may require to shine.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive design;
  • 6 layouts for blog & shop pages;
  • Sitewide search system;
  • Compatible with WooCommerce;
  • Optimized for SEO and translation.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Fitness CrossfitVW ThemesFreeMobile 62
Desktop 89

More Details Demo

20. Bootstrap Fitness

Illustration of Bootstrap Fitness, one of the WordPress themes for gyms and fitness with the built-in class schedule.

We finish our list of fitness WordPress themes with the Bootstrap Fitness solution for WordPress. This is a great option if you need a well-designed yet free theme to get started with WordPress and create a responsive gym site in the meantime. With its colorful and content-rich sections, you can easily publish the workout timetable, tell more about your trainers’ experience, and post fitness tips.

Key features:

  • 7 pre-designed pages;
  • Full-width banner section;
  • Built-in class schedule;
  • Easy-to-edit pricing tables;
  • Optimized for SEO and responsiveness.
NameDeveloperPriceAvg. Demo Speed Score
Bootstrap FitnessThe Bootstrap ThemesFreeMobile 61
Desktop 58

More Details Demo


We hope this review of premium and free fitness WordPress themes has helped you choose the right design for your website. Whether you offer individual fitness training sessions or group coaching, with any of these solutions, you’ll be able to create a responsive, highly functional, and noticeable online presence. Using ready-made WordPress themes for gyms and fitness centers will help you:

  • Attract more potential clients: Like any WordPress solution, a well-designed theme for gyms is built to help you establish a recognizable brand for you as a fitness coach. With a properly developed and well-designed theme, you have increased chances of being noticed online.
  • Advertise your coaching services: Using any of the fitness WordPress themes can help you advertise your training services easily. Moreover, you’ll get to promote your skills as a coach and even make your workouts more discoverable.
  • Provide online bookings for workouts: One of the most important reasons to consider using a WordPress theme for your fitness website is to offer your clients an opportunity to book workouts online and pay for them instantly. This is possible thanks to WordPress themes that offer appointment booking functionality, such as Coachzee.
  • Share fitness tips and tricks: WordPress is a customizable CMS good for any task and it has built-in blogging functionality. That’s why most WordPress themes offer blog page layouts and diverse sections for sharing news. If we talk about gym themes for this platform, such pages can be used to share your coaching knowledge and workouts as well as promote upcoming fitness events.

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.

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