Tabs WordPress Widget Within the Latest Updates

Tabs WordPress Block is a genius tool for taking full control over your pages. Check how easily they can be created with ZeGuten!

Gutenix Subscription: Effectual Way to Raise Your Business

Living your life in 2020 means that each of us should be aware of the last word in technology. It makes a big difference when we talk about growing the business in the most efficient and rapid way.   What does this way look like? Undoubtedly, creating your own website is the best idea and the…

Gutenberg Blocks WordPress: Best Plugins for Website

Recently you have noticed something strange? Maybe your workflow became tedious and you need new solutions?  For this reason, there are Gutenberg blocks WordPress plugins. Surely, you have already encountered these blocks. What is special about them? Exactly, draggable blocks are the icing on the cake. WordPress 5.0 offers you such a helpful package of…

Best pricing table plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugins simplify our working process and add more features to the pages. Firstly, with additional tools, you can enrich your pages and make them look more attractive. On the web, you can surely find a lot of various plugins for any taste and budget. Then, in this article, we are going to introduce to…

How to use ZeGuten Uneven posts layout

As everyone knows, there are a lot of plugins that allow you to create informative and attractive posts. Today we propose you to check one of the best Gutenberg posts plugins – ZeGuten plugin. It has 5 layouts and in this topic, we will talk about Uneven posts layout and its settings. Nowadays, the most…

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