MotoPress Acquires Gutenix Theme: Big Changes Ahead?


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  • Aug 26, 2020
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MotoPress Acquires Gutenix Theme: Big Changes Ahead?

Gutenix is no longer playing solo. From now on, the WordPress Starter Theme is being held under the auspice of the MotoPress project – one of the reliable and highly-competitive WordPress software developing companies found back in 2012.

Gutenix start theme works as a subscription-based service with three options available to your choice:

  • Free theme + limited free starter sites: Download Gutenix
  • All features + premium templates for one year: $69
  • All features + premium templates forever: $174

The theme comes together with  ZeGuten – a flexible and lightweight collection of WordPress Gutenberg blocks with a deep focus on marketing-oriented blocks. Also, ZeGuten offers ready-made designs in the Pro version.

Why Did MotoPress Buy Gutenix?

MotoPress stands for the idea of spreading high-quality free & premium software to users of all skill levels. Currently, the company’s most successful WP solutions are Hotel Booking plugin, Getwid WordPress blocks, Stratum Elementor Widgets, and coding-free Content Editor.

Taking responsibility for such a large WordPress project as Gutenix was not an off-hand decision. MotoPress always stood for popularizing the default WordPress editor. In particular, their biggest contribution was the development of free Gutenberg themes and plugins. Investing in Gutenix is the next logical step to support the prosperity of Gutenberg.

So far, Gutenix is the first product acquisition for the MotoPress team, as well as the largest third-party project to become in charge of. But even with the given authority, the company does not plan on any unexpected or unwanted changes for Gutenix users, in particular, the product re-branding, pricing, and support.

The CEO of MotoPress Alex Matienko shared his thoughts on taking the reins of the Gutenix project:

“Now when Elementor is on its way to 6 million active users, and people are gradually getting more positive about Gutenberg, Gutenix certainly seems like a perspective investment. We can reach out to both audiences and satisfy almost everyone’s needs because of the theme multipurposeness.

I am very excited to become in charge of such a highly-promising product as Gutenix. The MotoPress team was giving many efforts on our own projects, so we did not have much resources and time to devote ourselves to something so multidimensional. Now we have a ready-to-go solution supported by the loyal audience right in our hands, and it’s the best scenario to go for!“

Any Changes to Expect?

Current theme users can stay calm – MotoPress is not planning any life-changing changes related to the theme cost, support, or any crucial alterings in the product itself. Users will still enjoy the regular updates and should expect the same level of Gutenix support as previously.

The acquisition of Gutenix by MotoPress rather means overtaking the responsibility for theme improvement and popularization. Thanks to the company’s continued presence on the market of WordPress solutions, it can provide all the tools and experience to make the project better and promote it further to a broader audience.

In conclusion

Although Gutenix is officially a project of MotoPress, it will still be considered a more independent product with the remaining system, and its core will stay untouched. Respectively, the theme will not be a part of the MotoPress club.

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Updated Gutenix WordPress Theme Is on Maximum Now
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