Big Gutenix Update: Meet 4 New Gutenberg Starter Themes


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How to Create a Website with Elementor & Gutenix Multipurpose Theme?
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  • Oct 08, 2020
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Big Gutenix Update: Meet 4 New Gutenberg Starter Themes

It’s been less than 2 months since Gutenix got held under the auspice of MotoPress (read more about this news here). The project is rapidly undergoing some major theme updates and product improvement, including 4 new Gutenberg themes added to the list.

Gutenix October Update: What’s New?

A few things have happened to Gutenix since the beginning of October.

  1. First of all, you may have noticed the change of the domain name from the former domain to Overall, we were all looking forward to finally switching to the catchier and more logical domain name, as it makes a big impact on product awareness.
  2. The second update means a lot in terms of Gutenix “multipurporposeness”. In order to rightfully call our WordPress theme a “universal” solution, every now and then we keep supplementing the collection with new & high-quality skins.

This time, Gutenix released 4 more Gutenberg optimized starter sites for the purpose of expanding the range of the embracing business niches.

Gutenix Starter themes

Overview of 4 New Gutenberg Themes

Perhaps, you have some questions about the Gutenix theme and one’s benefits. Let’s make it clear for you real quick.

Gutenix is a freemium multipurpose WordPress theme that works perfectly for both WP newbies and pro users developing websites for multiple clients. The theme facilitates the website development procedure by offering ready-to-go custom designs and simple customization tools.

How to understand if Gutenix is your “match”?

  • You need a fully responsive & retina-ready theme.
  • You need extra plugin functionality.
  • You are looking for a lightweight & high-speed solution.
  • You value SEO and user-friendliness.
  • You expect a WooCommerce-ready solution.

Gutenix is a multipurpose solution in all senses. Aside from Gutenberg, it’s also compatible with Elementor and Brizy, and offers a range of top-notch unique skins for each WordPress page builder.

For Elementor users, we made a detailed tutorial on how to use Gutenix WordPress theme with Elementor.

Overview of 4 New Gutenberg Themes

Now, let’s get back to the four new Gutenberg-supported skins, which you are most likely curious about:


Gutenix Construction Theme

Construction starter theme is a solid, concise, and dynamic Gutenberg theme created for any kind of an industrial-related online resource: construction company, a renewable power plant, an oil & gas company, a machine-building factory, etc.


Meet Fixis – an eye-catching WordPress Gutenberg theme for personal portfolio or company websites related to repair & plumbing services. Create your perfect landing site or personal portfolio website with this aesthetic clean design and get the deserved conversions! And since Gutenix is WooCommerce-friendly, you may complement your repair & plumbing services by selling plumbing fixtures.


How about switching from traditional white minimalism to a bold black? When it comes to financial business websites, Profitence has it all. The non-typical black background combined with bright accents makes it look stylish, modern but yet relevant as for a business consulting service website. Initially conceived as a landing page, Profitence can be expanded to a larger resource with its own blog and case portfolio. 

Robinson Medical WordPress Theme

Robinson is one of the healthcare WordPress themes you’d like to have at your disposal for future client projects. This WordPress medical theme can boast of the best doctor website design among similar ones in the same niche. Clean and neat design, calm colors, accents on the most important information – all of it is combined with the incredible speed and performance of the Robinson doctor web site.

How to Edit Gutenix Themes in Gutenberg?

Editing with the Gutenberg WordPress editor is easier than you think. The Gutenberg blocks approach makes your editing experience smoother with the ability to view the changes in real-time.

Let’s take the Robinson WordPress medical theme as an example:

  1. After you follow all the Gutenix Wizard installation instructions (I described them all in our Elementor + Gutenix tutorial), go to Starter Site tabs of Gutenix Wizard and click “Install” of the chosen theme:
  1. Follow all the installation steps of the Robinson medical template (or any other of your choice):
  1. After the installation is complete, click View Page => Edit Page. You will be redirected to the Gutenberg editor:
Gutenberg WordPress editor
  1. Each content piece of each Gutenberg-based theme is a block, which you may conveniently edit/remove/replace in one single click:
Gutenberg blocks
  1. Explore a combination of Getwid Gutenberg Blocks – a free collection of extra 40+ WordPress blocks with pre-made designs. Just imagine how many advanced functionalities you can add up to the Robinson doctor template!
Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

How to Get Gutenix FREE or PRO?

Now that you know more about the Robinson health WordPress theme as well as Gutenix and its latest update (new updates are coming soon!), you might want to learn the possible pricing options (unless you already purchased the theme). Eventually, you have three options for your choice:

  1. Gutenix FREE – a 100% costless starter pack available for download via The free version includes 6 free templates for Gutenberg, Brizy, and Elementor, and unlimited use of a website.
  2. Gutenix PRO (annual) – compared to a free resource, provides more functionality, includes the premium ZeGuten plugin (for free), and most importantly, offers 47+ top-notch skins (the number keeps going higher);
  3. Gutenix PRO (lifetime) – on top of anything listed above, the lifetime subscription provides unlimited access to updates and new products supported by Gutenix.

Important note: the new Gutenberg themes are available only for the Gutenix PRO versions.

If you want to stay tuned to Gutenix latest updates & news, follow our Gutenix Facebook page or join the Gutenix group.

Explore WordPress with Gutenix multipurpose starter theme!

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